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Thank you, doctor Laura Lindholm!

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Scris de Monica Schram Duminică, 03 Iunie 2012 17:36

monica_schram2011 was a great year in many ways, the highlight of it being the move to the great state of Colorado and all the good things that followed, finding work within a great company, getting to publish articles in a well respected newspaper, adopting a dog, a long procrastinated wish of mine and in December undergoing a laparoscopy that proved to be a success. A laparoscopy is a procedure that can investigate all your reproductive system and fix any possible problems, if there are any.


I can make a long list of doctors that saw me in the last 5 or so years. They couldn't really find any answers for me and I remember all of them concluding: "It will happen, you just have to wait and see.  It will happen".  So many blood tests and nerve-wrecking appointments and no real action until last November. The experience is traumatic. Everywhere you go to investigate infertility you see sad faces, despair, repressed anger and unfortunately the doctors can be very insensitive and superficial. Doctors involved in this delicate domain should be kind, positive, supportive and of course well-trained.  I found all these in this amazing doctor: Laura Lindholm.

How did I find her? I simply looked up a clinic, not too far from where I live,  and I went to my first appointment. I remember her blue eye shadow and beautiful eyes and her friendly yet professional approach.  I told her briefly what was going on: 37 years old, desperately wanting a child, perfectly healthy and diagnosed with infertility of unknown origin. Doctor Lindholm didn't hesitate a second: she suggested a laparoscopy and not only she suggested this surgery but also suggested it should be done NOW. Well, not that very day but soon after my first visit.

The day was set within a month after this appointment, on Dec 16th. I didn't know the doctor, no one recommended her to me but I simply trusted her and loved the fact that she was a lady of action and that she didn't end up telling me: "Just wait and it will happen". The surgery went fine and I recovered within a few days. Doctor Lindholm told me that everything looked fine and the only thing she "found" was a bit of endometriosis that she removed from somewhere around my bladder. I had read that endometriosis could be a cause of infertility and how come in 5 years of questions and pretty much useless appointments, no one said to me: let's go ahead and do a laparoscopy?!

Within 2 months after she performed this surgery the miracle happened. What others didn't succeed in years with blood tests and verbal encouragement, Dr. Lindholm made it happen in 2 months! She also prescribed me Clomid, a drug that can induce ovulation, a drug that I had taken before without success. I am sure that what I needed was the laparoscopy and the removal of the endometriosis.

I remember the last thing doctor Lindholm told me: call me whether you get pregnant or not! I found out the fantastic news while I was visiting my parents in Romania in March. I was so thrilled and had tears in my eyes for days. I was simply in heaven. One of the first things I did was pick up the phone and called my doctor to share the news. The receptionist told me she is no longer with Women Health Specialists and could not release further information. Now 3 months later, I still don't know how I can get hold of her but I thought that I should write her a big thank you letter through the newspaper and hopefully she will read the story.

I would like all the women in their 30s, reading this article and trying to conceive to believe that miracles can happen but you just need to find the right doctor. And if all blood tests are perfect and you are in perfect health, ask for a laparoscopy and don't waste any time!

I could not end this article without mentioning another angel who came my way in this last attempt to make my dream come true. Her name is Lisa Koebke and I think she is one of the kindest persons I have ever met. She is the ultrasound technician who, with endless compassion explained every detail she could see in my "tummy" and gave me hope and was there for me not as medical staff but more like a truly supportive friend. Lisa knew or sensed right away that the miracle happened and suggested a pregnancy test but I held off because I didn't want to be disappointed again. Lisa was there for my first pregnancy ultrasound and she welcome me with a warm hug and watery eyes. She is no longer with this clinic either but at least I had the chance to share the baby news and all the happiness with her.

Sometimes we cross paths with people who can change our lives. I feel blessed and grateful for this experience and can't wait for the day when I get to meet my miracle. Thank you again, doctor Lindholm! Thank you, Lisa! God Bless you!

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