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Noutăţi de la RAFA


Scris de Silvia Mioc Joi, 17 Iunie 2004 18:05

RAFA Fundraising Effort

The 10th annual Romanian Festival organized by the Romanian-American Freedom Alliance (RAFA) is taking place on Saturday, July 10th, from 11am to 6 pm in Boulder, on the 13th block of Pearl Street Mall, in front of the Court House. RAFA organizes this spectacular event not only to show the world our national heritage and traditions but also because funds for disadvantaged families in Romania are needed now more than ever. This is our major fundraiser for the year, and proceeds are aimed primarily at alleviating desperate medical cases and helping needy families and children in Romania. Hunger is not over and government funding for social services has plummeted.
Historically, our yearly profit from food sales and individual donations amounted to around î1,000 - î1,500, distributed in small batches to a few recipients. Visit our website www.rafa.org for a list of past RAFA charitable contributions. This sum may have been significant 10 years ago, when the festival was started, but with today's prices in Romania much more is needed for bringing only modest relief. We would like the funds we donate to make a difference for a better future. To enhance the effectiveness of our effort we are in the process of establishing ties with foundations in Romania, which will provide a channel through which the money will be well managed.
Consequently, we encourage you to become a sponsor, and help us raise at least î5,000 this year. RAFA is a non-profit organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible.
For this year, we offer the following corporate sponsorship opportunities:
" Gold Corporate Sponsor: î1,500
" Silver Corporate Sponsor: î1,000
" Bronze Corporate Sponsor: î500
Promote your business and do a good deed at the same time! Sponsors will be listed on our website with direct links to own website.
The individual/family sponsorship levels are:
" Gold Support Member: î300
" Silver Support Member: î100
" Bronze Support Member: î50
Benefit of Support Members is listing on the RAFA website unless this is not desired.
Your money will make a significant difference. Our Colorado community is growing and we believe that with everybody's effort we can achieve our goal together.
Thank you for helping meet our fundraising goal. With your help, I know we will make a difference in many people's life. Please email infoărafa.org or call 720-890-0321 for a pledge.



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