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  • Romanian artists in Colorado

    Horea Ignat took his first steps as a sculptor (wood-carver) in 1992 at "Ion Vlasiu"- High School in Târgu-Mures, Transylvania, Romania. During his school years he took part in a series of contests being awarded with the first prize for wood-carving in t...
  • Hora Mare

    "Hora Mare" started 7 or 8 years ago initiated by a group of people from Colorado's Romanian community. Most of them were members of the R.A.F.A. The group could not have existed without our instructors. I am sure that most of you remember Donald Vukovic,...
  • Romanian American Freedom Alliance

    RAFA was founded in the summer of 1990 as an immediate result of the revolutionary upheaval in Romania in December 1989. Several dozen Romanians gathered at the Capitol in Denver on December 30, 1989, to demonstrate in support of the revolution and to mou...

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Gandacul de Colorado

Gandacul de Colorado

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Gandacul de Colorado

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